My work

The aim of my work is to capture the natural beauty & magic of a moment.  

I appreciate the unusual, the abstract and the hidden, or sometimes blatant, beauty in my field of vision.  

I like to think I can capture the true spirit of the people and animals I photograph.  As a reiki master, I hope that I bring a healing energy with me, which is what helps people to feel relaxed and comfortable when being photographed.  I also tend to use a zoom lens, so as to keep a distance and not infringe upon peoples' personal space.

 I do at least believe there is a unique essence about my ART, and I hope it makes you smile~~


A lot of my work has been of live music & promotional photo shoots for bands and community projects.  I've also recently been asked to do a lot of pet photography, which is great fun!  I love animals, even stag beetles will pose for you, if you ask nicely enough! :-)

I work with whatever light is available, I don't like to set up unnatural conditions.  I trust the moment & I'm usually very lucky!


With advance warning I can be available on most dates & times.  I am based in Moseley, Birmingham and rely on feet, buses, trains, planes and bicycles to get from place to place.  I love trains though, so I'm happy to travel.  


I can do a single animal or person shoot from as little as £20 + travel expenses.  I will usually charge around £50 for a live performance/gig, and around £150 for an event or extensive photoshoot, again with the travel expenses on top if it's long-distance.  

I am flexible though.  I love what I do and we can negotiate if you're tight for cash.  


telephone: 07900 920440